Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Quick Thought

Tonight I was reading through my Facebook feed which is normal behavior for me.  I started reading through the posts and came across one from a friend of mine that had a ton of comments.  The topic was gay marriage.  I read through each comment.  There were posts supporting both sides.  A few people were yelling (you know-typing in all caps) at each other.  They called each other racist, which had nothing to do with the post.  From them, things got a little ridiculous, but the other comments were really good.  I finally responded (of course you know I can't keep my mouth shut!)  I thought I would copy those thoughts into my blog just in case anyone cared what I thought about it! So here you go:

So I wasn't going to weigh in, but you (I've left the names out) know me well enough to know that I can rarely keep my mouth shut so here's my two cents...I'll start by saying that I am a "born again Christian" and I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. I also believe that God gives us free will to live our lives and I am thankful for His grace each and every day that is given to me freely so that I can remain in relationship with Him even when I screw up beyond belief. I am not gay, I haven't cheated on my husband of 19 years, nor have I owned slaves. I have however sinned by saying things that don't always lift people up, I've gossiped before (*not a reference to my recent life change!), I weigh 80 pounds more than I should (not a particularly popular sin with lots of pastors here in the south!) and I've certainly had hateful thoughts before. I love all people - gay, straight, black, white, whatever and I hope that you two know me well enough to know that is true! I believe that everyone was/is created equally, but what we choose to do with our lives and how we choose to live is completely up to us. I believe that there are many things in popular culture that go against God's will, but I believe that His grace is enough to cover anything. Now onto the topic at hand...I think where most Christians get it wrong is that the government isn't here to legislate morality. I don't want them to legislate morality for me or anyone else. Here in the Bible belt I think it can often be difficult for some people to look into the future and see the possibility of a time when the "morality" that may be legislated may require Christians to do things that go against the very core of our beliefs. (A Biblical example of this would be Daniel.) Prayer in school falls into this category. Lots of Christians have strong opinions that public prayer should be allowed in school. My question to them would be, "What if the teacher is Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu or even a Satanist? (We are ignorant to think that can't be.) Would you want those prayers to be made public in school? Is that what you would want your children to hear?" I think the answer would be a resounding "NO!" yet when morality is legislated this is one of the many issues that we will be forced to deal with. I want to live in a country that allows me to worship as I please. To do this, we must also allow others to worship as they please. God will be the judge. No matter how legal or illegal something is, God gets the final say in it all. I feel no threat on my traditional marriage by those who are gay that want to be married. I have lots of gay friends, whether they are legally married, in a civil union together, live together, etc. makes no difference as to whether it is a sin or not. Being married doesn't make it any more or less of a sin. 

I would love to read your comments if you feel like sharing!  

I'll be blogging again soon!  I have some stuff I want to say about a few things - as usual!!!

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